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The Berkeley Gallery celebrates is 20th anniversary with the launch of The Berkeley, a unique combination of fine art and equally fine wines in a superb setting. Look at the fantastic selection of art adorning the walls as you sit enjoying your glass of wine and, if you’re that taken with it, why not buy it and have it delivered and hung (at no extra cost within a twenty five mile radius).

As well as the pieces hanging around the walls, why not look at our touch screen display to see thousands of pieces of art available. Or ask a member of staff to lend you a tablet to browse at your table.

We offer home consultations at no extra cost and would be delighted to bring selected pieces to your home or office for ultimate approval. And if something even more specific is required, we will gladly have the perfect piece commissioned for you.

Here are three of our featured artists this month for you to look at. Alternatively, to see ALL our artists, just click HERE and go straight to our Gallery artists page.

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Andrei Protsouk

Born in the Ukraine, Andrei is one of the few living artists that has had that classic artistic upbringing that only the old Soviet Union could provide, nurturing his true natural talent and giving the vehicle of expression that his talent truly deserves.

From his early childhood, Andrei’s work has progressed through his brilliant creative ability, in turn creating in him a master of his modern style, a style that fascinates and inspires collectors and art lovers worldwide. From his small affordable panels through to his larger, spectacular masterpieces, history will determine whether Andrei becomes one of the great artists of our time. But if quality, ability, talent and passion are the yardsticks by which one is judged, history is being painted by Andrei right here, right now!

Nimrod Messeg

“During the sculpting process the element of fire is my primary tool. This powerful force of creation provides me with a deep connection to nature and life itself. The observation of burning flames, sparks and galactic activity draws me to the extraordinary, almost celestial dimension of this work with its potential for fantasy and escape. The light, heat and fire energy permit me to give birth to an entirely new entity. Looking at the finished piece of art I can see it in its entirety; from its humble metal beginnings through the creative process and into new and diverse textures, forms and surfaces. Each sculpture gradually takes on a life of its own and, using me as its tool, develops its own personality.” – No art collection should be considered complete without a Nimrod Messeg sculpture!

Chris DeRubeis

At the age of 11, egged on by his grandfather, Chris picked up his first airbrush. He quickly mastered this, and so began his quest for innovation. Chris paid for his art studies by custom painting Harley Davidsons, where, whilst grinding the base paint off a Harley Gas tank, he discovered the metal, exposed to the light, unveiled fantastic patterns that seemingly danced off the tank. His journey into abstract surrealism began. Fast forward to today, his work has a sleek, soft, and organically flowing aesthetic, and is earnestly collected around the world.

DeRubeis believes his work can alter the way people perceive contemporary art, and challenges art lovers to enter a world of celestial abstraction and shimmering light created by pigments, flames, and flying sparks.

David Gerstein

David Gerstein is a contemporary Israeli artist whose whimsical, 3 dimensional and hand painted, laser-cut metal sculptures catch the eye and engage the heart, humorously delighting the child in all of us. His shiny, sensual colours celebrate life and forces of good in the world David’s work can be found in museums and private collections around the world. Having worked with us at The Berkeley for 10 years now, he has a large following of our own private collectors and even now in his seventies, he is still inspired to constantly produce new work.

Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop is a Hertfordshire based artist who studied graphic design and model making at University. Having worked for a few years as a cabinet maker and by combining all his skills he has developed a unique style of artwork that has caught public attention. Using lasers to etch into the surface of layered veneers, then going through a hand staining process, his work is as tactile as it is unique. In only a few years Rob has become a highly favoured artist within The Berkeley and has probably received more commissions than any other artist. Rob is definitely one to watch!

Edward Waite

A classically trained artist, Edward Waite travelled the world on a quest that delivered a unique style of his vivid 3D cityscapes, showcasing cities around the world including Paris, New York, and of course, London. Each work perfectly captures the bright lights and constant rush of urban life, thanks to his bold, colour-filled technique; first inspired by ketchup bottles in a New York Diner!

His vast portfolio now consists of an array of different projects. Last year, saw Edward collaborate with a Saville Row Tailor, to design a suit with his painting printed onto the lining and more recently his artwork has also been wrapped around a full-scale replica phone box! Another of these projects combines art with technology, the new Edward Waite App, allows people all over the world to engage with Edward’s artwork by creating their own virtual cityscape using his signature sauce bottles.

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