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The Berkeley is an almost unique ‘wine by the glass’ experience — you help yourself, when you’re ready, from one of the special temperature-controlled cabinets.

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These innovative hi-tech wine cabinets premiered in London, but you won’t find them anywhere else across Herts, Beds, and Bucks except at The Berkeley.

We’re a unique venue in so many ways – the art, the wine, the atmosphere.

But why not just crack open a bottle like any other wine bar? Because with the our cabinets, the focus is on quality rather than quantity — a glass at a time, with each one just as it should be. Normally once a bottle of wine is opened and the air is let in, the oxidation process starts — but our cabinets are specially designed to preserve the wine perfectly for much longer.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite, we can always bring a bottle to your table if you’d prefer. Just ask a member of our team. We’re all here to help.

The Berkeley offers 32 wines, as well as Champagne,  and other sparkling wines,  beers, crafted cocktails and spirits. The cabinets let us offer you a wide range of wines by the glass — you choose which one you fancy and then, at the push of a button, you have the perfect glass of Sauvignon or Syrah or something you’ve never tried before right away. Each and every glass is perfectly chilled, or beautifully maintained at perfect serving temperature.

No more ‘what do we all like?’ discussions, ending up with a wine that is fine but not what you really wanted. You and your friends can each taste and then choose the one you love — and change your mind later — and then change it back again!

Its all about choice and variety in a great atmosphere.

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